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ReviveAlign Neck and Back Stretcher

ReviveAlign Neck and Back Stretcher

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Your ultimate solution for pain relief and enhanced well-being. Say goodbye to back and neck discomfort in just minutes a day. Embrace a life free from chronic pain.

🚀 Rapid soothing - Experience immediate relief from back and neck pain

Convenient and time-efficient - Just ten minutes of daily use can help soothe back and neck pain

🎉 Non-invasive and drug-free - Provides a natural alternative to pain management


ReviveAlign Neck and Back Stretcher

Regular price $59.99
Sale price $59.99 Regular price $89.99
SAVE 33% Sold out
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Fix neck & back pain PERMANENTLY right at home

As of 2017, lower back pain affected approximately 632 million people worldwide [Global Burden of Disease Study], making it a pressing concern for many. At Sazomo, we're committed to empowering you with an innovative and effective tool to combat discomfort. With low back pain costing Americans over $100 billion in healthcare expenses annually [American Chiropractic Association] - our stretcher becomes an invaluable investment in your well-being.

Our unique design allows for targeted stretches, promoting relaxation and realignment of your spine. Say goodbye to aches and strains and embrace a revitalized you. Take charge of your health today and join the movement towards a pain-free tomorrow with the ReviveAlign Neck and Back Stretcher.

  • Sciatica & Spinal Stenosis

    ReviveAlign tackles sciatica and spinal stenosis. At a 26-degree angle, it helps ease the sharp pain linked to sciatica, often caused by disc issues. It also provides relief for spinal stenosis, enhancing your comfort and mobility.

  • Neck & Chronic Pain

    ReviveAlign offers an effective, natural way to alleviate neck and chronic pain. Its gentle cervical decompression brings relief, helping you lead a more comfortable life.

  • SI Joint, Hip Pain, & Herniated Discs

    ReviveAlign doesn't stop at back and neck pain. It also aids with SI joint pain, hip discomfort, and herniated discs. By targeting the source of your discomfort, ReviveAlign brings relief to your back, hips, and buttocks, promoting mobility and reducing pain.

  • Optimal 26° Angle

    Improve your spinal health and alleviate pain with ReviveAlign, designed to restore the healthy curvature of your spine.

More Benefits

Reduces stress and tension

Using the ReviveAlign can help relieve stress and tension held in the back and neck, promoting relaxation and a sense of calm.

Better sleep

With pain-relief comes better sleep. No more tossing and turning looking for the one position that doesn't hurt your back or neck.

Enhances flexibility

Regular use of the ReviveAlign can increase flexibility, allowing for improved range of motion and ease of movement.

Increases circulation

The stretches provided by the ReviveAlign help improve blood flow to the back and neck area, enhancing circulation and promoting overall health.

Improves posture

By correcting posture imbalances and aligning the spine, the pillow helps improve posture and prevent related discomfort.

Portable and convenient

Its lightweight and portable design make it easy to use anywhere, anytime, ensuring you can enjoy its benefits on the go.

Trusted by professionals

Recommended by chiropractors, physical therapists, and personal trainers, the ReviveAlign is a trusted tool for pain relief and enhanced well-being.

  • 👌 Multi-use Functionality - Laying Down or Seated

    Versatility at its finest! Whether you prefer to use it while laying down for a full stretch or as a seated back support while working or driving, the ReviveAlign adapts to your lifestyle and comfort needs.

  • 📢 109 Massage Points

    Equipped with an impressive 109 massage points strategically placed to target key pressure areas on your back, providing a soothing and invigorating massage experience.

  • ✅ Unique Shape Proven Design

    The curved shape fits comfortably under your back, providing a gentle stretch that reverses the effects of bodily stress.

How To Use ReviveAlign

Find a Comfortable Surface

Place ReviveAlign on a flat and stable surface, such as a yoga mat or a carpeted floor. Make sure it's positioned where you can comfortably lie down.

Position Yourself

Sit down at the base of ReviveAlign with the lower angle closer to your buttocks.

Lie Back Slowly

Carefully lie down on the device, allowing your body to naturally curve along its ergonomic shape. Your neck and upper back should be comfortably supported, and the stretcher pad will take pressure off your neck or lower back, depending on how you position yourself.

Relax for 10 Minutes

Once you're comfortably positioned, take a deep breath and relax. We recommend using ReviveAlign for about 10 minutes to experience its full benefits. During this time, you can close your eyes, listen to soothing music, or simply unwind.

Gentle Stretching

After your session, carefully sit up and gently stretch to help your body transition back to its normal state. Many users find this helps maximize the benefits of using ReviveAlign.

A simple fix for your pain

Pain is a major problem...


Most people will experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. It is estimated that about 80% of the adult population will experience back pain at some point in their life. [American Chiropractic Association]


Approximately 50% of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year. [American Chiropractic Association]


In a global study, lower back pain had a 12-month prevalence rate of 38% among the adult population, making it a common health problem worldwide. [The Lancet]

We have the answers to your questions

How long do I need to use the product to get relief?

The amount of time required varies for each person based on pain levels and body types. We recommend starting with 10 minutes a day and adjusting to meet your personal goals.

Please discuss any health issues with your doctor before using this product.

Why does it feel uncomfortable?

It is completely normal for it to feel uncomfortable at first, it is a feeling your body is not used to. The ReviveAlign is very firm in order to provide the correct shape for your spine.

After a short while using it, the discomfort will go away.

What if it doesn't work for my pain?

You can initiate a refund for all products purchased from the website within a period of 30 (thirty) days from the order delivery date. Just reach out and we will help you with the return.

Where do you ship to?

We ship internationally to 205 countries around the globe. If you cannot find the shipping option in your country, don’t worry, we’re coming there soon.

What are the dimensions?

11.8 x 9.6 x 3.75 inches (L x W x H)

Customer Reviews

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Product works very well. Fast delivery!

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just as descriped

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Fast delivery and good quality as advertised!

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very hard

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