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RePee-tition Eco Mat - Reusable Absorbent Pad

RePee-tition Eco Mat - Reusable Absorbent Pad

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Tired of constantly buying disposable pads and dealing with messy cleanups? Our RePee-tition Eco Mat is here to redefine your pet care routine.

💧 Instant Absorption - Provides a clean and dry surface for your pet in no time.

🔄 Durable and Long-Lasting - Can withstand up to 100 washes.

🏠 Versatile Use - Perfect for an apartment, a car ride, or a kennel.


RePee-tition Eco Mat - Reusable Absorbent Pad

Regular price $39.99
Sale price $39.99 Regular price
SAVE % Sold out
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  • 🌍 Eco-Friendly Choice

    By using our reusable pads, you're actively reducing your carbon footprint.

  • 💰 Cost Savings Over Time

    Unlike disposable pee pads, our durable design ensures repeated use.

  • 🏠 Home Protection

    The urinary barrier ensures zero leaks, keeping your floors safe.

🌃 Ultimate Convenience for Apartment Living

Living in an apartment complex often means trekking down multiple floors or navigating long hallways just to get your pet outside. Our reusable pee pad offers:

  • Midnight Relief: No need to brave chilly nights or groggily descend floors for those inevitable midnight pee breaks. Our pad ensures your pet can relieve themselves comfortably without disrupting your slumber.
  • Emergency Back-Up: Whether it's inclement weather or an unexpected elevator breakdown, having our pee pad as a backup means your pet won't be left in discomfort waiting for the right moment to head outside.
  • Balcony Use: For those with balconies, the pee pad can be easily placed outside, giving your pet a designated spot to relieve themselves while still getting some fresh air.

🚗 Perfect for Car Rides

Long drives can be challenging for our furry companions, especially if there aren't many pit stops along the way. Using our reusable pee pad during car rides provides:

  • Peace of Mind: Accidents happen, especially in unfamiliar settings like a moving vehicle. With our pee pad in place, you'll know that your car seats are protected from any unexpected spills.
  • Easy Clean-Up: In case of accidents, simply roll up the pad and machine wash when you reach your destination. No need for a complete car seat cleanup!
  • Comfort: The softness of the pad makes for a cozy resting spot, ensuring your pet stays relaxed during the journey.

🐾 Ideal for Carrying Kennels

Whether you're traveling or just heading to the vet, carrying kennels are a must for many pet owners. Here's why our pee pad is the perfect addition:

  • Stress-Relief: Changes in environment or the mere act of travel can be stressful for pets, sometimes leading to accidents. With our pad lining the kennel, you'll know that even if they do have a mishap, the mess is contained and easy to deal with.
  • Maintains Kennel Cleanliness: Instead of having to wash or wipe down the entire kennel after an accident, you can simply remove and wash our pad, making the cleanup process quick and efficient.
  • Added Comfort: Kennels can be hard and uncomfortable. Our soft pad ensures that your pet has a warm and snug base to rest on.
  • 🔄Can be Washed Up To 100 Times

    Say goodbye to constant replacements and embrace a sustainable choice that stands the test of time.

  • 🔒 Triple-Layered Design

    Our three-layer absorbent design guarantees longevity.

  • 🛡️ Prevention of Side Leakage

    Its unique design ensures no leaks escape from the sides.

We have the answers to your questions

How often do I need to wash the pee pad?

For optimal hygiene and performance, we recommend washing the pad after each major soiling. However, if it's lightly used, you can wash it every couple of days. Remember, it's designed to endure up to 100 washes without losing its quality, so you don't have to worry about over-washing.

Is the pee pad suitable for pets other than dogs?

Absolutely! While primarily designed for dogs, our pee pad is versatile and can be used for other large and small animals. Its strong absorption and leak-proof features cater to the needs of various pets.

Does the pee pad have any odor after multiple uses?

The pee pad is crafted with materials that resist odors. However, regular washing and proper maintenance are essential to ensure it remains fresh and free from any lingering smells.

Can the pad be used outdoors or is it strictly an indoor product?

The reusable pee pad is primarily designed for indoor use, but it can be placed outdoors, like on balconies, for short durations. However, prolonged exposure to external elements like rain or direct sunlight might affect its longevity.

How quickly does the pee pad dry after washing?

The pee pad dries relatively quickly due to its layered design and materials. For the quickest results, it's best to air-dry in a well-ventilated area. Using a dryer is also an option, but always refer to care instructions to ensure you maintain the pad's quality.

What is your return policy?

You can initiate a refund for all products purchased from the website within a period of 30 (thirty) days from the order delivery date. Just reach out and we will help you with the return.

Where do you ship to?

We ship internationally to 205 countries around the globe. If you cannot find the shipping option in your country, don’t worry, we’re coming there soon.

Customer Reviews

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Madisen Zemlak

RePee-tition Eco Mat - Reusable Absorbent Pad

Evan Ryan

Really great no leaks 😁

Graham Davis

RePee-tition Eco Mat - Reusable Absorbent Pad

Jed Conroy

Very fast shipping, seems good quality. I will order later more pieces.

Raphael Predovic

RePee-tition Eco Mat - Reusable Absorbent Pad

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